Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weather in Boston

I arrived yesterday (Tuesday)morning and was greeted with dark, grey skies. It was gloomy and did not help in easing my jetlag. I was able to sleep through the night- from 7:30 pm til 2:30! Ate some leftover burrito and had some orange juice. Went back to bed at 3:30 am.

Now it's 7:20- and I have to go and prepare for the 8:30 Professional Development Committee Meeting at Westin Hotel. Then 11:30-1:00, I'll be at the Leadership Luncheon event. After that, I'll run to the NNEST Booth with Ana Wu and fix it up. Then I'll have to run back to the PDC Meeting again. Not sure if NNEST will have is steering committee planning- as we always meet up online.

Anyway, I hope to catch some Webheads today. I wanted to meet Carla and Eria yesterday, bu my jetlagged body wouldn't let me.


Aiden Yeh


  1. Sounds like a very busssy day! Try to enjoy, Love you.

  2. Hi, Aiden, and welcome back to the States! I am at work in College Park MD but am leaving for the airport right after lunch. I won't be at the CC today but I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, probably at the EV and (??) at dinner!