Thursday, March 25, 2010

Connected (finally)

I got to Boston last night and had an absolutely fabulous Italian dinner in the North End (Maurizio's, on Hanover Street) with my cousin. A perfect evening except that I couldn't get connected on the available wifi in her apartment.... so I wrote a whole post about my trip up and wasn't able to save it or publish it. :-( But you don't care about my trip, anyway, so no problem!)
My cousin Bijou and me at Maurizio's

The potato-leek soup was awesome!

Strolling on Hanover Street, I found a friend.

A closeup shot of my Hanover Street friend

Hanover Street at night: a plethora of restaurants!

I am staying in Brookline, so this morning I took the streetcar (T), subway, and bus (a weird bus that goes through a tunnel just like a subway) to get to the Convention Center. I immediately encountered two TESOLers in the station and we walked to the BCEC together, where I was able to register in about two minutes (no lines at 7 am), pick up my bag and materials, and (finally) connect to the internet.

Now I am off to a publisher's session on "Using Classtime Effectively", where one of the presenters is a (non-webhead) friend of mine.

Look for me in my brand-new webheads t-shirt!


  1. What a great way to share how webheads are getting together! Photos beat everything. Just to tell that your blog was read by me, Sus in Denmark, now. Wish I were with you all.

  2. Dear Sus, thanks for your comment! It's great to know webheads all over are sharing this conference experience via the blog. Wish you were here! I would love to meet you f2f.