Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Week Ago--Touring Boston

It was exactly a week ago that my colleague, Cara, who promises to join ev online next year, and I toured Boston on a very blustery day. We took the Super Trolley--a hop on and hop off affair, but given the cold wind, we didn't do much hopping off. I did get a photo of the famous Cheers, and here's another one of spring trying hard to put in an appearance.

After that we went to the Boston Aquarium; it came highly recommended, and it was worth the trip. Note the fancy seahorse--actually called a leafy seahorse--and the fish whose name I've managed to forget.

Dinner was at Dick's in Quincy Market --it was best bib and tucker; the
plate was a sheet of grease-proof paper on the table, the food was served in a bucket, but here's Cara digging in and enjoying!


  1. What the heck is bib and tucker???
    I visited the Boston Aquarium years ago (I think 1975 or 76) and was very impressed. I wish I had had time to go again! We now have a beautiful aquarium in Baltimore MD, but Boston's was the first really awesome aquarium I remember visiting.

  2. "Best bib and tucker" means that you are all spruced up--looking posh! Given that we were given actually paper bibs, it seemed appropriate. It's probably a British expression;-)