Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TESOL 2010

This is the restaurant where we went on Sat.; it was an old fish market on the harbor & was wonderful!

Thanks for making the blog, Nina! I had a good time in Boston, but it was too short, and I missed some webheads and that makes me sad. Thanks for the roses, Dennis; as usual they brightened up the rooms they were in and gave some continuity to webheads gatherings; I think we've had roses at each one? Anyway that part was fantastic.

Thought I'd share my presentations with you, if anyone is interested, and if I make pop art from the pix below I'll point you to that too.

Next year (New Orleans) is a little bit more in my territory; hope to see you all there!
-Tom Leverett


  1. Thanks for linking to your blog comments about the presentations I attended. Even though I was there, it is great to have those! And it was so nice to see you again. I won't make it to N.O. unless I win the lottery or someone decides to pay my way (not likely!). I will have to participate virtually as much as possible.

  2. Hello everyone!
    Here are a series of links to photos and VoiceThreads I've created relating to TESOL 2010. I will be creating more, too:
    Here's a link to my blog on EnglishCafe: (process drama workshop at TESOL)

    Enjoy any or all!

  3. @ Holly, I didn't know you were from New Jersey! I am too (born in NYC but grew up in Hackensack)!