Thursday, April 8, 2010

My TESOL Slideshow for MEI Faculty

Kind of by accident, and thanks to Steve Sharp, I have discovered that a Google Docs presentation (similar to a PowerPoint) can be embedded into a website or blog.  At the Maryland English Institute (University of Maryland/College Park) where I work, those of us who attended the TESOL Convention shared some of what we learned with our colleagues today.  I made up this little slide show and will put this new technology to the test here (You have to start it, but after that the slides should advance automatically every 10 seconds):


  1. Great tool Nina - and it's really great to have an little idea in this way of what went on !
    Thanks to all for this blog.

  2. You can check out previous TESOL convention blogs at (my personal favorite) and (Blank spots represent where Bubbleshare albums vanished after Bubbleshare stopped operating last year!)